Great grilling meats for Dad

Why Tom Thumb meat is a cut above for Father’s Day

Sincerely Hand-Trimmed Steak

Looking for Father’s Day food ideas? Look no further than our friendly and knowledgeable in-store butchers.

How experienced are Tom Thumb butchers?

Our expert Hometown Butchers receive continuous, on-the-job training. With years of experience and passion for the craft, they ensure you get the perfect cut of meat for Dad.

You can trust that every cut of meat we provide is trimmed, handled, packaged and dated to our highest expectations and standards for quality.

Does Tom Thumb offer meat delivery for Father’s Day?

Yes! Depending on your location, you can order your Father’s Day meal and favorites online for delivery through Delivery, Flash or a FreshPass® monthly or annual subscription. We also offer convenient grocery curbside pickup.

What makes Tom Thumb fresh meat high quality?

We develop and maintain specifications that meet or exceed USDA industry standards.

  • We follow Food Safety and Operating standards to ensure proper handling and transportation to our stores.
  • Our quality assurance inspectors scrutinize each delivery to ensure it meets our quality, temperature and receiving standards.
  • We partner with, and regularly audit and inspect suppliers in our goal to promote and ensure the humane treatment of animals.
  • We leverage technology and industry expertise to offer the right product at the right time, and at the right price.

Is Tom Thumb fresh meat ever frozen?

No. Our fresh meats are never frozen and adhere to strict dating and handling guidelines. This, along with cutting in-store to order daily, helps ensure your meat exceeds your quality expectations.

Can Tom Thumb cut a steak or grind hamburger to fit my needs?

Absolutely! Just ask at our butcher’s block. We’re happy to help!

Can Tom Thumb suggest meat based on a recipe I want to make?

Yes! If you aren’t sure which cut of meat would be best for a recipe, feel free to ask our butchers for suggestions. We love helping you make your upcoming meal one to remember!

Does Tom Thumb handle large meat orders?

Planning a big event for Father’s Day? You can build a Father’s Day meat box with ease; just call us in advance and let us know what you need.

Father’s Day food, snack & beverage ideas

Explore more for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, build a day to remember. Shop online or at your local Tom Thumb for plenty of grill-ready meat and seafoods, Father’s Day beverages, Father’s Day snacks, and more. Heat up the grill, roll out the corn on the cob, and give Dad a day where he gets to feel special.

Stuck for Father’s Day food ideas? Put the grill as the star of the show, and work your way out. Putting fruits and vegetables on the grill adds a little something new next to old grilling favorites like burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken and seafood. Skewers let you serve finger-friendly foods with style, from chicken and vegetable kabobs to beef and grilled broccoli kabobs with the marinade of your choice.

Father’s Day food is juicy, delicious and fun for the whole table. Great cuts of meat await in our meat department, where butchers are standing by to answer any questions you have. Grilling supplies and essentials are only a click away online, or at your local Tom Thumb.

Don’t forget that great sides bring great smiles: Father’s Day sides and snacks await. If Dad has a sweet tooth, you’ll find plenty of cakes, pies, cookies and brownies to choose from. Let Dad indulge with an extra scoop (or two) of his favorite ice cream to finish off a great celebration.

No matter how you choose to celebrate and honor Father’s Day, you’ll find all of the classics and even a few new things at your local Tom Thumb. 

Father's Day Food Ideas - Grilling & Recipes