Frozen dog food

 JustFoodForDogs. Real food - fresh ingredients.

Real food - fresh ingredients.

Every JustFoodForDogs fresh frozen recipe is formulated by our team of veterinarians and canine specialists, and then gently cooked to maximize nutritional value and promote a healthy immune system.

Great for topping or feeding.

JustFoodForDogs is 40% more digestible than kibble. Pet parents see improvements in their dog’s health, including better digestion, healthier skin & shinier coat, increased energy, easier weight management, and more excitement at mealtime. Try it as a topper to start to add a boost of nutrition to your dog’s favorite meal

Making the switch is easy.

Ready to go full fresh? On days 1-3 mix 25% of JustFoodForDogs and 75% of your dog’s current food. On days 4-7, mix 50% of JustFoodForDogs with 50% of your dog’s current food. On days 8-10, mix 75% of JustFoodForDogs with 25% of your dog’s current food. After day 11, feed 100% JustFoodForDogs food.

FAQ - JustFoodForDogs

What sets JustFoodForDogs fresh dog food ingredients apart from kibble?

We use real, unprocessed, bioavailable, and nutrient-rich ingredients that are in their natural state. Our meats are inspected and approved by the USDA for human consumption, and all our ingredients are the same as yiu would find in a restaurant or grocery store. In fact, we use the same premium suppliers as the restaurant industry to source the highest quality ingredients for our meals. We never use preservatives, by-products, additives, or fillers.

Does JustFoodForDogs meet AAFCO standards?

Yes, and we went beyond AAFCO's requirements. Frankly, nutritional deficiencies and other health issues can take longer to develop than a six month trial period. AAFCO requires a feeding trial period of six months. To ensure dog owners are getting the best human-grade pet food products available for overall health, JustFoodForDogs completed 12-month feeding trials instead. AAFCO protocol simply doesn’t cover all the bases. Since day one, we have balanced our food to National Research Council (NRC) standards. The NCR reports directly to the FDA and is the most up-to-date authority on nutritional guidelines.

JustFoodForDogs is the most research-and-education-focused fresh pet food company in the industry. Each of our recipes has gone through extensive research at a major university and is involved in ongoing clinical trials.

What is the best thawing method for JustFoodForDogs frozen meals?

You can safely thaw JustFoodForDogs frozen meals either in the refrigerator or in cold water:

In the refrigerator

  • One 18 oz package will take up to 24 hours to thaw in the refrigerator

  • One 72 oz package will take up to 48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator

In cold water*

  • One 18 oz package will take approximately 1 hour to thaw in cold water

  • One 72 oz package will take approximately 3-5 hours to thaw in cold water

Cooked foods thawed by the cold-water method should never be refrozen

How long can JustFoodForDogs thawed food stay in the refrigerator?

For all Proteins, excluding fish-based recipes: Thawed food stays fresh when stored in the refrigerator in an unopened package for up to 7 days. Once opened, use within 5 days.

Fish-based meals: thawed food stays fresh when stored in the refrigerator in an unopened package for up to 5 days. Once opened, use within 3 days.

 JustFoodForDogs. Frequently asked questions
 Full Moon. Unlock your dog’s potential

Unlock your dog’s potential

FULL MOON started with a mission to feed your dog the same nourishing ingredients you’d feed yourself. With whole pieces of USDA certified meat, antioxidant rich vegetables, and superfood liver bites, our specially curated recipes to support your dog’s health. We never include any fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Experience the FRESHLY CRAFTED difference.

Pour directly from bag to bowl

Whether you choose to store frozen or in the fridge, FRESHLY CRAFTED recipes remove the stress from mealtime with no clean up or prep required. Simply scoop from or pour out of the bowl directly into your dog’s bowl. Serve immediately for a crunchier texture or wait 15 minutes to thaw and soften. Whatever experience your dog prefers, we guarantee there will be no leftover.

FAQ - Full Moon

How is Full Moon Freshly Crafted made?

We take pride in sourcing the meat in our recipes from Perdue Family Farms, where all animals are raised ethically and without use of antibiotics. Starting in small batches, we gently cook the meat and liver in USDA-inspected facilities, flash freeze, and mix with frozen, raw vegetables. From beginning to end, we uphold the highest standards to be truly human grade, meaning safe for you to eat too.

Our food is 100% human grade. From the ingredients we use to the kitchens we cook in, our food meets strict USDA standards fit for human consumption. Learn more at

Will Full Moon Freshly Crafted meals offer complete and balanced nutrition?

Yes, our high-quality animal protein and superfood-packed recipes meet AAFCO standards for Adult Dog Maintenance. Specifically, you’ll find the following benefits found from ingredients in our food:

· Skin & coat health, supported by omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil
· Immune health, supported by antioxidants in vibrant foods like blueberries and sweet potato
· Muscle growth, development & maintenance, supported by amino acids derived specifically from animal protein

How can I serve and store Full Moon Freshly Crafted food?

Once served, we don’t recommend leaving the food out in your dog’s bowl for more than two hours but trust us – they won’t leave leftovers!

You can store the food in the fridge for up to one week. Make sure to use a clean, dry scoop to serve each time or pour directly into the bowl to maintain freshness.

Our food is cooked and ready to eat, but if you want to thaw or serve warm, pour, or scoop out the appropriate serving size in a microwave-safe dish, and gently heat on a defrost setting only.

How much Full Moon Freshly Crafted should I serve my dog?

It depends! The weight and activity level of your dog can influence how many servings of food they need. Complete the serving size quiz on to help customize the right amount found your dog. Generally, the normal daily feeding amount for a healthy adult dog is as follows:
5-10 lbs: 1-1 ¾ cups
11-20 lbs: 1 ¾ - 2 ¾ cups
21-30 lbs: 2 ¾ - 3 ¾ cups
31-40 lbs: 3 ¾ - 4 ¾ cups
41-50 lbs: 4 ¾- 5 ½ cups
50+ lbs: 5 ½ cups + ¾ cup for each 10 lbs of body weight over 50 lbs

If you’re on a budget, Freshly Crafted makes for a great topper. Supplementing with Freshly Crafted is easy way to make their food tastier and more nutritious. Elevate your dog’s meals in a way that works for you.

F ull Moon. Frequently asked questions

Frozen dog food: an upgrade to your dog’s daily food.

Our dogs aren’t just animals; they’re part of the family. It makes sense that we would want to see our dogs eat well, just like the rest of the family. If you’re already looking at better dog treats, it makes sense to look into frozen dog food as well. Shop online or in-store at your local Tom Thumb.

While dry dog food is a more familiar product, frozen dog food is made from the same ingredients you use to feed the rest of your family. Upgrading your dog’s diet can help increase their satisfaction at mealtime and deepen their quality of life. Multiple brands of frozen dog food have entered the market, including JustFoodForDogs and FullMoon.

Ready to get started? You can always start by using frozen dog food as a topper to dry dog food or as an easy switch from canned wet dog food. Dogs tend to respond well to slight changes in their diet over time, but you can refer to the packaging on the frozen dog food to see the recommended transition guide for your dog.

Buy frozen dog food and other dog care supplies at Tom Thumb. It’s just one more way to take care of your four-legged friend.