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We provide convenient, on-site pharmacy vaccine clinics to your employees.

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Our trained pharmacy staff can set up your workplace vaccine clinic and cover all the details, including billing insurance.

1730 in-store pharmacies


in-store pharmacies

Over 10 thousand certified pharmacists and trained technicians


certified pharmacists and trained technicians

Over 11 million vaccinations in 2021


vaccinations in 2021

81% customer retention


customer retention


Our local pharmacies provided over 11 million vaccines in 2021. We are committed to reducing barriers to vaccination and other health services so that everyone can stay healthy.


Our goal is to make this entire process as easy as possible, so getting started only takes a few steps.

Get Started - Click on the button below, fill out the details and receive a response within 24 hours

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Click on the button below, provide details on your workforce & testing needs, and receive a response within 24 hours.

Set up clinics - We work with you to determine dates and locations

Set up clinics

We work with you to determine dates and locations. 

Get vaccinated - Vaccines are administered by our team of healthcare practioners

Get vaccinated

Vaccines are administered by our team of healthcare practitioners. 

Get updates - We provide reports updating you on status of vaccinated participants

Get updates

We provide reports updating you on status of vaccinated participants. 

Frequent questions

Why choose us for an immunization event?

  1. We do not charge organizations or members a fee for onsite immunization clinics. The vaccine does carry a cost, which can be discussed with your event coordinator.

  2. We offer several safe and flexible clinic options:

    • On-site clinic hosted at your facility in a location of your choosing on a date and time that works for your business

    • Drive-thru clinic in your facility’s parking lot so your employees can receive a flu shot without leaving their car

    • Alternate site clinic to meet your needs for on- and off-site employees

    • Flu shot vouchers to provide to your employees that can be redeemed at any of our pharmacies

  3. As a courtesy (and incentive), we provide members who participate with a coupon for 10% off their next grocery purchase of up to $200* with any immunization.

  4. Albertsons administered more than 9 million vaccines during the 2020/2021 immunization season because customers enjoy our convenience, our expertise, and the care we provide.

  5. We are a trusted place for taking care of individuals, couples, and entire families.

How can our members obtain their immunizations?

We offer two primary methods for members to receive their immunization.

  1. Onsite clinic
    • Our experienced immunizers come to your location to administer vaccinations to your members (minimum number of participants required).
    • Our teams are able to accommodate a drive-up immunization event as well.
    • To qualify for an onsite immunization event, your organization’s address should be within 20 miles of one of our pharmacy locations. 
  2. Voucher program
    • We create a voucher for your organization’s members to use. The voucher entitles each member to the immunization that your organization has selected.
    • Your members take the voucher to one of our local pharmacy locations to receive their immunization.
    • They may use our “Pharmacy Locator” feature to find a convenient pharmacy location near them.

Do you require a minimum number of appointments in order to schedule an immunization event?

  1. Onsite clinic: minimum of 30 members.

  2. Voucher program: no minimum.

What billing options do you offer?

  1. Our Pharmacy can bill members’ insurance plans (commercial, Medicare and Medicaid) or your organization for the immunization event, whether you choose an onsite immunization clinic or voucher program.

  2. We offer a discount of up to 30% for self-pay employers.

Can members schedule their own immunization appointments?

  1. Yes, members can use our app or log on to our portal to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for them.

  2. This online scheduler can assist in traffic control and ensure participant safety.

Can you give me reports about the success of my program?

We can provide you with the number of members who registered for the immunization event and the number who actually received immunizations. We may be able to provide additional reporting by request. Please discuss any additional reporting with your event coordinator.

What is your minimum lead time to set up an onsite clinic?

Our goal is to provide you and your members with a smooth, convenient, and positive immunization experience. Therefore, we prefer 15 business days’ notice, but we may be able to accommodate a request for a shorter time frame.

Who will administer immunizations at our onsite clinic?

Trained pharmacy teams will administer the immunizations. The person(s) administering the injections will meet state and federal requirements for licensing and training and may include pharmacists, pharmacist interns and pharmacy technicians. A pharmacist will always be onsite to facilitate the event.

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