just for U® FAQs

How long are the prices valid?
Personalized Deals can be used to save again and again through the expiration date shown on the offer. Coupons are subject to expiration dates. Reward Card Specials are updated weekly.
How often are offers updated?
Personalized Deals and Coupon Center are updated on a regular basis. Reward Card Specials are updated every single week. Visit the site every time before you shop in-store to get the most savings from just for U.

If you subscribe to email notifications, you will be notified when new Personalized Deals and Coupons are available.
Is just for U really different for me compared to other customers?
Yes, because everything is based on your purchase history and organized for you, so you can save more on what you actually use!
Can I use offers loaded on my Reward Card in any store?
Once offers are added to your Reward Card you can use them in the local geographical region that you reside in.
Once I've added Personalized Deals and Coupons to my Reward Card, how long will it take for those offers to be available on my Card?
Offers will be available at checkout even if they are loaded on the phone while shopping in the store. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929.
What if an item goes on sale for a price lower than my personal price?
Our systems will honor the lowest price.
What if I add an offer, but I don't get that price at the register?
There are a few reasons why this might happen. You might have bought the wrong brand or size (like buying a 12-pack of soda instead of the 2-liter bottle). Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929 can look into the transaction and determine the problem and solution.
What if I don't have a computer?
Each store will be equipped with a computer and printer at the Customer Service Desk.
What if I don't have an email address?
Unfortunately, an email address is required for participation.
Why do I have to register?
We take customer privacy seriously. In order to ensure the privacy of all Tom Thumb customers, we require registration to participate in this program. Registering only takes a few minutes!
What if I have problems registering, finding my offers or technical trouble?
Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929 can look into it to determine the problem and solution.
What is the difference between “My Card” and “My List”?
“My Card” shows all the coupons and offers you added digitally to your Reward Card. “My List” works as a shopping list that helps you plan and shop. You can add the items that are in “My Card” to “My List”. They both now sync up with the My Card and My List section on the Mobile and iPad Apps.
Why can’t I add an offer from Your Club Specials to “My Card”?
The pricing for offers in Your Club Specials automatically applies to all Reward Card users. You don’t have to add them to your card. Your Club Specials shows you all the items you normally buy that are on sale.
What is the Rewards Summary on the “My Card” page?
Your Rewards Summary will always appear at the top of My Card and lets you view Gas Rewards available and ready to expire, and how many points you have toward your next Gas Reward.
How do I know I got my just for U price?
It will be on the receipt. The discount will be combined with any Reward Card promotional discount if applicable and can be found next to the item AND in the just for U savings summary at the bottom of the receipt.
I did not receive my price on my produce.
Sometimes there are minimum quantity requirements that will be noted in the copy of the item on the website. If the customer does not purchase the minimum, the price will not be honored.
The website is giving me an error message when trying to register.
Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929 can look into it for you.
I am having problems logging in to the website.
If the website is indicating that "the email address you provided has been taken" then you already have an account on TomThumb.com. Try the "Sign In" link instead of trying to register. If you have forgotten the password you created when setting up your account you can select the "Forgot Password" link to have it reset. If you are still experiencing issues, contact Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929 for these and any questions you may have.
Why don't I automatically get these offers?
Our systems use your purchase history to sort through and organize personal price offers, hundreds of coupons, and all of our weekly Card Specials. But only you can determine if our systems got it right.

That's why we ask that you select offers by loading them to your Reward Card. As you provide feedback based on what you select, our systems will improve their ability to sort through and personalize your offers. This will make the program even more valuable to you over time!
Why don't you just give me these prices in the store?
If every shopper were exactly like you, we could! But the reality is every Tom Thumb customer is different. This program is personalized just for U!
Will Tom Thumb start matching competitor prices because of this program?
Tom Thumb offers Everyday Low Prices and great Reward Card specials. These prices are already competitive in each market. These personalized price offers in just for U are even better than our Everyday Low Prices and great Reward Card specials.
My offers are not that great. Can I tell you what offers I need?
That's a good idea. That functionality is not currently available, but we appreciate your input and are constantly improving our just for U program. Stay tuned for exciting enhancements!
Is this an additional thing I have to sign up for? I am already signed up for multiple coupon sources with Tom Thumb.
Unfortunately, customers can not use the login information from any of our existing coupon partners. You must create a new account to participate in the just for U program.
Can I combine manufacturer/store coupons with these prices?
Yes, you can combine a manufacturer or store coupon with your Personalized Deals, subject to terms and conditions of each coupon. Please refer to TomThumb.com for more details on our coupon policy.
We use two Reward Cards in my house. How does this program work for us?
All the offers are at the household level. Any Reward Card linked to the household will receive the offer. If you have any questions please contact Customer Care at 1-877-723-3929.
Can I use my Coupons and Personalized Deals when I visit a Tom Thumb in another state?
No, Coupons and Personalized Deals are only valid in your local market area. To determine your own local market area, click the "see details" button on any of your Personalized Deals. Currently, just for U offers are not valid in Alaska or Canada.
For offers that have a Minimum Purchase Requirement, what purchases are excluded?
Excluded Purchases are: The purchase price of the promotional item, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Tobacco Products, Fuel, All Fluid Items in the Refrigerated Dairy Section (including Fluid Dairy and Dairy Substitutes), Prescription Items and Co-payments, Bus/Commuter Passes, Fishing/Hunting Licenses and Tags, Postage Stamps, Money Orders, Money Transfers, Ski Tickets, Amusement Park Tickets, Event Tickets, Lottery Tickets, Phone Cards, Gift Cards, and Gift Certificates; also excluded are: Bottle Deposits, Redemption Values, and Sales Tax.